Ingredient Description Evaluation
Balm Mint Extract Peppermint extract, stimulating property, supposed to contain residues of herbicides limited recommendability
Balm Peru Peruvian balm, herbal fragrance, fixator, high allergenic potential not recommendable
Bamboo Extract Bamboo Extract, herbal agent with abrasive property, often utilized for promotional reasons limited recommendability
Bardanae e Rad Extr. Bardanae e Rad, herbal agent with stimulating and wound healing property recommendable
Barium Sulfate CI 77120 Mineral dye, might contain heavy metal residues  not recommendable
Batyl Alcohol = Batilol Thickening agent with nurturing and greasing properties recommendable
Beeswax Beeswax, thickening agent in cosmetic products, might contain undesirable residues limited recommendability
Behenic Acid Thickening agent in cosmetic products recommendable
Behenyl Alcohol Thickening agent of vegetable origin with refatting and smoothing properties recommendable
Bentonite Gel former of mineral origin in oily products, hair conditioner, might contain traces of lead and arsenic limited recommendability
Benzalkonium Chloride Chemical preservative, softener in hair care products, anti-septic property, might cause inflammation reactions of the skin and mucous membrane not recommendable
Benzoic Acid Chemical preservative, endorsed for food products, allergenic potential in cosmetics, causing e.g. Urticaria  not recommendable
Benzophenone-1 (up to 12) Chemical light protection filter, allergenic potential. Chemical light protection filters in products for daily use are a main cause for allergic reactions. not recommendable
Benzyl Alcohol Chemical or herbal dye, preservative in combination with other preservatives, solubilizer irritating and allergenic potential not recommendable
Beta-Glucan Oligosaccharide Belongs to the polysaccharides, made of yeast extracts, strengthen the skin own resistance recommendable
Beta-Sitosterol Herbal agent, nurturing, anti-inflammation property, improves the compatibility of chemical light protection filters highly recommendable
Beta Carotene Beta Carotene = provitamin A, antioxidative property, protection against UV radiation highly recommendable
BHA Butylhydroxyanisol, highly effective chemical antioxidative, might cause allergic reactions, caused cancer and damage of the genetic make-up in animal experiments  not recommendable
BHT Butylhydroxytoluol, highly effective chemical antioxidative, might cause allergic reactions, caused cancer and damage of the genetic make-up in animal experiments  aaaa
Biotin Vitamin H, important for the normal function for hair and scalp. As all vitamins a necessary element in the healthy human skin. In 1995 Gilli en Floersheim have proven a distinct reduction of a tendency towards wrinkles. highly recommendable
Bisabolol One of the active agents of chamomile plant, strong anti-inflammatory property highly recommendable
Bishydroxyethyl Biscetyl Malonamide Chemical solubilizer limited recommendability
Bisphenylhexamethicone Silicon containing environmental relevant defrother not recommendable
Bitter Orange Bitterorange extract, benefit for skin care not evident not recommendable
Bladderwrack Extract Benefit for skin care not evident not recommendable
Borago Officinalis Borage oil, rich content of unsaturated fatty acids, especially gamma-linolic acid, regenerating property on the skin, like evening primrose oil it is especially suitable for the treatment of neurodermitis  aaaa
2-Bromo-2-Nitropropane-1,3-Diol Bronopol, chemical preservative, under presence of aminos it forms carcinogenic nitrosamines, formaldehydesplitter  not recommendable
Butane Environmentally friendly fuel gas recommendable
Butylene Glycol Solvent with moisture preserving property, very high skin compatibility, in daily-use-products it should be preferred to propylene glycol highly recommendable
Butylmethoxydibenzoylmethane Chemical light protection filter might cause a photoallergy not recommendable
Butylparaben Chemical preservative, main cause for allergenic reactions  not recommendable
Butyrospermi Parkii Sheabutter, herbal oil with extraordinary skin friendly and nurturing properties highly recommendable
Buxus Chinensis (see: Oleum Simmondsiae Californicae) Jojoba oil skin friendly and nurturing wax highly recommendable