Ingredient Description Evaluation
EDTA Ethylene-Diamino-Tetra-Acetate, chemical auxiliary substance that supports the effect of preservatives as complex former, bad biodegradability  not recommendable
Egg Yolk Extract Eggs are usually produced by intensive farming (cruelty to animals) not recommendable
Elastin Made of the connective tissue of the dead animal, allergenic potential, possible BSE risk not recommendable
Ergocalciferol Vitamin D2, synthesized agent, controversial benefit, not allowed as ingredient in cosmetic products not recommendable
Escin Flavonoid of horse chest nut, astringentive and oedema-hampering herbal agent recommendable
Essential Oils A combination of ethereal oils. Have positive benefits but it must be noted that many of them have a certain allergic potential  no clear evaluation possible
Ethanol Is a metabolism product in the human organism. In skin care products it is used as a solvent and supporting substance. highly recommendable
Ethoxydiglycol Chemical solvent, high risk of incompatibility, potential danger of harm for central nervous system and kidneys. not recommendable
4-Ethylbezilideenkampfer Chemical light protection filter. Chemical light protection filters in products for daily use are a main cause for allergic reactions. not recommendable
Ethyl Cellulose herbal film former as substitute for gelatin recommendable
Ethyl Hexanediol 2-Ethyl-1,3 hexandiol, solubilizer, insect repellent recommendable
Ethyl Linoleate Highly compatible solvent, derived from herbal oils  highly recommendable
Ethylparaben Chemical preservative, main cause for allergenic reactions  not recommendable
Eucalyptus Globulus Ethereal oil with anti-septic, regenerating, stimulating and insect repelling properties highly recommendable
Evening Primrose oil Vegetable oil with a high concentration of highly unsaturated fatty acids, e.c gamma-linoleic acid highly recommendable
Extractum Humuli Lupuli e Flor See under: Humulus lupuli=Hops Extract recommendable
Extractum Semen Hippocastani Horse chest nut extract, herbal capillary-active agent with varicose veins and other visible skin vessels   highly recommendable
Extractum Chamomillae Valuable herbal agent with skin-calming and wound healing properties highly recommendable
Extractum Nasturtium officinale Watercress extract, cleansing quality with oily and impure skin and greasy hair highly recommendable
Extractum Salvia officinalis Sage extract herbal agent with astringent, skin-tightening properties recommendable
Extractum Thymus Vulgaris Thyme extract anti-septic and desodorative properties, possible effect against some form of hair loss recommendable
Extractum Urticae e Fol Nettle extract, herbal agent with skin-calming and hair strengthening properties recommendable
Extractum Viola tricolor Pansy extract, skin-calming property recommendable