Ingredient Description Evaluation
Fagus Sylvatica Oil derived from beechnuts or copper beech extract, benefit for beauty care products controversial   not recommendable
Farnesol Dodecatrienol, ethereal oil, hampers sweat neutralizing bacteria  highly recommendable
Fatty Acids Triglyceride Inexact naming for oils that does not say anything about origin (herbal or animal) and degree of saturation
Fennel Extract Usually used as a fragrance, allergenic potential  not recommendable
Forskolin An active ingredient derived from Coleus Forskohlii, Makandi, and an Indian healing plant which increases the burning of fat  highly recommended
Formaldehyde Chemical preservative with allergenic potential, in high concentration harmful for the genetic make-up  not recommendable
Fragrance Scent, perfume, highly allergenic potential should not be used in skin care products not recommendable
Fructose Fruit sugar, slight moisture preserving quality limited recommendability
Fruit Acid AHA acids, peeling, thinning quality on the horny layer (epidermis), should only be used with thickened horny layers, definitely not suitable for daily use  application as a cure recommendable, not recommendable for daily use