Ingredient Description Evaluation
Nasturtium Officinale Watercress extract, cleansing quality with oily and impure skin and greasy hair recommendable
Natrium-Lactate Natrium salt of lactic acid, skin-physiological agent with high moisture preserving property highly recommendable
Natto Gum Extract  Annatto tree extract, film former, benefit for beauty care products controversial  
Natural Polypeptide Protection-colloids for hair care, often from animal origin, cruelty to animals through intensive farming, possible BSE risk, so ask the producer for the origin of the product    highly recommendable if of vegetable origin
Neopentyl Glycol Dicaprate Highly compatible preparation for the removal of make-up from the eye area recommendable
Niacinamide Medic agent with stimulating and blood circulation stimulating properties highly recommendable
Nonoxynol Solubilizer for perfume oils, on the basis of PEG, supposed to have allergenic potential not recommendable
Nucleic Acid Substance of animal origin, cruelty to animals through intensive farming, produced from waste from the slaughterhouse,   not recommendable
Nylon Round, smooth body to gently peel the horny layer of the skin, unlike peach stone or almond bodies it does no harm to the skin highly recommendable