Liposomes, the Ultimate Substance for Skin Care
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Liposomes are small hollow vesicles whose double-layer membranes are built of a double layer of phospholipids. These phospholipids consist of a ball-shaped water-soluble part and a tail-shaped fat-soluble part. These natural phospholipids are produced from soy. In an aqueous solution the phospholipids form a ball-shaped structure, the liposomes, through an appropriate supply of energy. During this process the lipophilic ends of the phospholipids contact each other and thus form a double-layer membrane that is hydrophilic on its two outer sides and lipophilic from its inner side. Therefore, the inside and the outside of a liposome is water-soluble and the inside of the liposome membrane is fat-soluble. The result is that a liposome can absorb and carry water-soluble substances (for example, vitamin C and chemical preservatives into the inside of the liposome) as well as fat-soluble agents (for example, vitamin E and fragrance substances in the liposome membrane). This transport function (carrier agent) of the liposomes is very advantageous with substances that have a positive effect on the skin. On the other hand, allergenic substances (e.g. fragrances and chemical preservatives) that can trigger defense reactions of the immune system are dangerous for the health of the skin. Therefore, the application of liposomes requires an increased sense of responsibility on the part of the producer and the beautician along with well-founded knowledge of skin physiology, as we otherwise expose the customer to danger. That’s exactly the reason why you should only use cosmetic preparations without fragrances and without chemical preservatives.

Right the same phospholipids of which the liposome membrane is built of, form the fundamental elements of the cell membrane. Also the intercellular substance, i. e. the lipids between the skin cells, contains a high proportion of phospholipids. Liposomes can perfectly substitute missing phospholipids in case of slightly injured skin cells or loss of intercellular lipids through e.g. excessive cleansing. Phospholipids and ceramides are also important elements of the intercellular substance. Therefore, the combination of phospholipids and ceramides is ideal. This already proves that liposomes together with ceramides are the ideal and therefore, according to our opinion, the most important natural active substances in a medically and scientifically based. There is exceptional skin-compatibility because of the structure of phospholipids which is identical to the one of the cell membrane. Under normal circumstances, allergic reactions are far less likely if the skin is treated with natural active substances identical to those of the skin itself. So allergic reactions after liposome treatment are most likely not caused by the liposomes themselves, but rather by the unreasonable practice of channeling allergic substances, such as fragrances and chemical preservatives into the skin by means of liposomes.

We recommend utilization of multilamellar liposomes as they are even more effective than unilamellar liposomes. Multilamellar liposomes consist of unilamellar liposomes of different sizes that are interlocked: a small liposome is enclosed by a greater one and these two differently sized liposomes are again enclosed by an even greater one etc. So finally, there are 5-7, sometimes even 12 differently sized liposomes which build up a multilamellar liposome. The size of the interlocked liposomes ranges from about 20 up to 300 manometers. There is a direct relationship between the penetration level of liposomes and the size of the liposomes, i.e. the smaller a liposome, the deeper the penetration. Now we understand why multilamellar liposomes reach and supply all layers of the skin. Multilamellar liposomes actively supply the skin with more moisture than any other substance used in cosmetics, including conventional unilamellar liposomes. Scientific studies proved that multilamellar liposomes increase skin moisture by nearly 100% within only 7 days of treatment. Our scientific research has revealed that the best possible has to contain multilamellar liposomes along with ceramides, evening primrose oil and vitamin E.