Natural or Synthetic Substances?

Over the last couple of years so called “Natural Cosmetics“ gain more ground since “nature“, “natural“, „biologic“ etc. are associated or even identified with “healthy”. Marketing strategist want to win the growing number of people who strive for a healthy way of life in accordance with ecological principles that way. However, the general assumption that nature is always good for your health and chemistry always bad makes no sense, neither from a medical, nor from a naturopathy point of view. In nature and in chemistry there are highly toxic and allergenic substances but also highly effective and compatible substances for a useful.

E.g. natural grounded sharp-edged peach stones as peeling are detrimental to the skin whereas synthetically produced granules of nylon aren’t. On the other hand, natural vitamin E is far more effective on the human organism than vitamin E produced synthetically out of different optical isomeric forms only in part identical with those of the natural and effective vitamin E.

Regarding vitamin C things are different again as synthetic vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is as effective as natural vitamin C.

This example should be enough to prove that only knowledge about pros and cons of every individual raw material is inevitable judge its effectiveness on the human body.