The selection of cosmetics ingredients described in this manual is based on long-standing experience and research of both the authors who are specializing in the development of skin-friendly cosmetic products. However, it is possible that other authors make different recommendations.

The authors are not liable for harm caused by substances described in this manual. In the case of the occurrence of a dermatolocical desease, consult a physician as soon as possible.

After the successful adaptation of our book among beauticians, a second edition became necessary within a short period of time. In this second version we have incorporated major corrections and the latest scientific findings. As an example for the incorporation of current scientific findings see the sun radiation filter Octylmethoxy Cinnamate (OMC), roughly 90 % of current sun-protection substances contain that filter. So far, OMC has been considered as particularly skin-compatible. However, recent research by the Norwegian radiation protection authority proved that the substance has a potential cell-damaging effect even if applied in low quantities.